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At IES, Pro Image and The Job Shop, we believe a successful and stress free staffing partnership means providing you, the client, with the best available talent. Our goal is to be much more than just your staffing provider, but also a trusted advisor and partner in the search for talent.

Do you need to test your candidates but don’t have the resources? We will do a complete nationwide background screening, 5-panel drug screen and any kind of skill testing for the manufacturing, clerical or corporate world that you may require. We do it all for you.

Direct Hire
IES, Pro Image and The Job Shop provide you with the option to do direct hire. Let us worry about reviewing the resumes, the initial interview process, background checks and drug or any other screening you require. You then interview the right candidate for your company and all that’s left for you to do is to hire the person you select, for a fee. We are a full service staffing company.

By using our Temp-to-Hire option, you may try a candidate at your company knowing that person has been properly screened. Then, after your candidate has worked with you 90 days you can more easily make a hiring decision, at no additional charge.

Client Fulfillment
Great employees are critical elements to your business’ success and your staffing needs shouldn’t be trusted to just anyone.

You need a partner to help you navigate through the challenging task of securing the right employees.  Our unique approach has changed the way companies across the country view staffing. We’ll do the ground work to customize a new streamlined staffing model for your company.

Realizing that not all staffing needs are the same, IES, Pro Image or The Job Shop offer staffing options so you can choose the type of placement that best fits your needs.

Whether you need to fill a position with Temporary, Temp-to-Hire, Contract or Direct Placement candidates, we can fulfill all your staffing requirements.

Avoid Employee Turnover
The cost of hiring, training, and then terminating an employee is very expensive - on average $3,000.  Costs include advertising, resume screening, drug screening, background checks, interviewing, reference checking, skill or assessment testing and employment paperwork processing.

Avoid the Cost Associated with Benefits
Add an additional cost of 31%(+/-) to the bottom line of the hourly pay for fringe benefits, according to U.S. Chamber of Commerce statistics, for firms that pay no benefits. For firms with moderate benefits programs, the cost is typically 40-45%, and for larger firms with extensive benefits programs, the cost can be up to 100% or more of the hourly pay.


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